Scheduled Groups for Ararat Trekking 2024

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The best option for individual travelers is to join to one of our scheduled groups.
The number of group participants is limited to 15 people and trekking is guaranteed, regardless of the number of climbers.
These tours are perfect for solo climbers, couples or anyone who would like to share their mountain experiences with people with similar interests and way of thinking.

For the 2024 summer season, we have planned 14 "open" groups that you can join.  All tours are guaranteed.
Dates of the scheduled groups for 2024:

22-26 June 2024
26-30 June 2024
02-06 July 2024
08-12 July 2024
14-18 July 2024
21-25 July 2024
28 July - 01 August 2024
04-08 August 2024
11-15 August 2024
18-22 August 2024
24-28 August 2024
02-06 September 2024
08-12 September 2024
15-19 September 2024
These scheduled groups have a slightly different program than our classic 4-day or 5-day tours.
On the fourth day, after reaching the summit of Ararat, the groups descend to Ararat Camp 1 (at 3200 m) for the night and return to Dogubayazit the next day. Some climbers find it difficult to climb to the top of Ararat and then descend to an altitude of 2200 m, so we have prepared this, more comfortable version of the program.
Program of Ararat trekking tour

Day 1 
From Dogubayazit to Ararat Camp 1

In the morning we will have breakfast at the hotel. Then we will pack our equipment on minibuses and drive to the foot of Mount Ararat. We will stop near to Cevirme village, located at an elevation 2200 m, from where we will start to climb to our Ararat Camp 1, located at an elevation 3200 m. Our luggage and food will be loaded on horses by our porters and transported to the Camp 1.
After 4-5 hours we should reach the campsite, where hot and cold drinks and small refreshment will wait for us. Later we will set up our tents and have a rest. At the evening, about 6 p.m., our cook will serve dinner. After dinner we have free time.
Overnight in tents at the campsite.

Day 2 
Acclimatization day

About 8 a.m. we will eat our breakfast in the mess tent. Later we will take our lunch packets and small backpacks and we will start the approach to an altitude of 4200 m for better acclimatization. After a short rest break we will start descent to Camp 1. This day will help to adapt our bodies to high altitude.
At the campsite, in the mess tent, will wait for us hot tea, coffee and some snacks prepared by our cook. Later we will have a rest. At the evening our cook will serve dinner.
Next overnight at the campsite.

Day 3 
Ascent to Ararat Camp 2

Morning we will start with eating breakfast and packing our luggage, which horses will carry to higher campsite. Then we will start ascent to Ararat Camp 2 (4200 meters), which we should reach after 4-5 hours of walking. There we will set up tents and eat lunch prepared by our cook. We have free afternoon. We can rest, take some pictures and enjoy fantastic view. At the evening we will have dinner.
Overnight in tents.

Day 4 
Ascent to Ararat summit and return to Camp 1 

We will get up very early (usually between 1-2 a.m.) and have a small breakfast. Then we will take lunch packages and thermoses of hot tea, prepared by our chef, last time we will check our equipment (headlamps, crampons, walking poles, ect.) and will start ascent to the summit of Ararat mountain. We should reach the summit of Mount Ararat 5-7 hours later. On the summit we will take a short break to take photos and celebrate our success. After a short rest on the top, we will start the descent to Camp 2 at an altitude 4200 meters. In the camp we will drink hot tea or coffee, eat something and rest 1-2 hours. Later we will pack our equipment and start descending to Camp 1 at an altitude 3200 m.
Dinner and overnight at the campsite.

Day 5
Return to Dogubayazit, sightseeing

In the morning we eat breakfast at the campsite. Then we will pack all the equipment and start the descent to the place where the minibuses will be waiting for us. We return to Dogubayazit to our hotel. After some rest and lunch we will visit Ishak Pasha Palace - one of the most important palaces in Ottoman history, built in 17th century, located 7 km from Dogubayazit. Then we will visit Durupinar site. It's a canoe-shaped area that some people believe could be the "footprint" of Noah's Ark. After sightseeing we can go to Turkish Bath (hamam). Dinner.
Overnight at a hotel in Dogubayazit.

In the tour package are included:

- Transfer from the airport in Agri or Igdir to Dogubayazit and back,
- Transfer from Dogubayazit to the foot of Mount Ararat and back,
- Local guide service,
- Pack animals (horses), which will carry equipment on Ararat,
- Hotel accommodation in Dogubayazit (with breakfast) - 2 nights; twin rooms,
- All meals and soft drinks during the climbing, with cooking service,
- Foam sleeping pads and tents (1 tent for 2 people),
- Crampons,
- Entrance fee to Ishak Pasha Palace,
- Climbing permit fee (50 USD per person).

In the tour package are not included:

- international and domestic flights,
- travel insurance,
- meals in cities before and after trekking,
- alcoholic beverages,
- Turkish bath (hamam). 
Note 1: You should arrive to Dogubayazit 1 day before trekking. We organize for you transfer from the airport and also drop you back to the airport after the tour.
The closest airports to Dogubayazit are Igdir and Agri airports. From Igdir it is about 1 hour's drive, from Agri: 1.5 hours' drive.
Note 2: If several friends (2-5 persons) decide to join one of our open groups, we can offer special discounts
For those who want to climb on different dates than our "open" groups, we offer private Ararat tours. Private climbs are also for those who would like to keep the group size small or would like to climb only with people who they know (family, friends).
We can organize private climbs for any size of the group (even for 1 person only), with any program and at any time convenient for our clients.
To book your Ararat trekking tour CONTACT US.