Climbing Mount Ararat & Sightseeing in Dogubayazit area

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The program of our trip is designed for travellers who not only want to climb the beautiful Mount Ararat (the highest peak of Turkey), but also want to visit interesting places nearby.

During the trip, a four-day trekking on Ararat awaits us. After reaching the summit and returning to Dogubayazit (the town from which all groups start trekking tour to Mount Ararat) we will visit the unique palace of Ishak Pasha, places associated with the biblical Noah's Ark and also the crater, which was formed due to meteor fall in 1892,and is located just next to the border crossing with Iran.
Day 1: Ascent to Ararat Camp 1
The day we will start from a nutritious breakfast at a hotel. Then we will pack our luggage in minibus (things which are not necessary during trekking we can leave at the hotel) and drive near to Cevirme village, located at the foot of Mount Ararat. When we reach the starting point of the Ararat hiking, porters will put on horses our luggage, food and camping equipment, and walk to the campsite, for all our stuff be delivered before we come. We will take lunch packets and our small backpacks and start ascent to Ararat Camp 1 located at an elevation 3200 m. Depending on the pace of the group we should reach the campsite within 3-4 hours. On the campsite we will set up our tents and then we can rest, drink tea or coffee and eat small lunch which will wait for us in kitchen tent (fruits and snacks).
At the evening hot dinner (soup, second dish and salad) will be served.
Overnight on the Ararat Camp 1.

Day 2: Acclimatization on Mount Ararat
In the morning we will eat good breakfast on the campsite. Then we will take the most necessary equipment and lunch packets to our small backpacks, and we will start trekking towards Ararat Camp 2, located at an elevation 4200 m. We should reach the campsite within 4-5 hours. After the break for resting we will return to Ararat Camp 1, where some snacks, fruits and hot drinks will be served. On the afternoon we can relax.
At the evening, like on previous day, we will have hot dinner.
Overnight on the Ararat Camp 1.

Day 3: Ascent to Ararat Camp 2
In the morning we will prepare our luggage for porters can put it on the horses. Then we will eat breakfast and start the ascent to Ararat Camp 2, located at 4200 m. Within 4-5 hours we should reach the campsite. There we will set up our tents, drink hot tea or coffee, and eat something. The afternoon we can spend relaxing and preparing our personal equipment for the ascent to Ararat summit on the following day (we can check our crampons, headlamps, ect).
Hot dinner will be served earlier than on the previous days, as we should go to sleep early, to be rested before ascent to the summit of Ararat.
Overnight on the Ararat Camp 2.

Day 4: Trekking to Ararat Summit (5137 m), return to Dogubayazit
We will wake up long before sunrise (usually about 1-2 am) and eat something. Then we will take necessary equipment, thermoses with hot tea and lunch packets and we will start the ascent to Ararat summit. We should reach peak of Mount Ararat within 5-7 hours, depending on weather conditions and the pace of the group. It may be necessary to use crampons on last 200-300 meters before summit. On the summit we will have some time to celebrate and take photos. Afterwards we will descent to Ararat Camp 2, where meal will wait for us. We can rest about 1-2 hours in our tents. Then we will pack our luggage and walk down to the point where minibus will wait for us (on the way we can make a short break on the Camp 1). We will return to Dogubayazit, to our hotel. At the evening we will have dinner in one of local restaurants.
Overnight at a hotel in Dogubayazit.

Day 5: Sightseeing of Dogubayazit area
Last day of our tour we will few interesting places located close to Dogubayazit. First we will drive to Ishak Pasha Palace - one of the most important palaces in Ottoman history, built in 17th century.
Then we will visit Durupinar site (a ship-shaped area that some people believe could be the "footprint" of Noah's Ark).
The last point of our tour will be Meteor Crater, located just next to the border crossing with Iran. It is the second largest meteor crater in the world, after the largest one in Alaska.
Then we will back to the town for lunch. On the afternoon those who want can go to Turkish bath (Hamam).
Overnight at a hotel in Dogubayazit.


Notice: We organize for you pick up from the airport one day before our Ararat trekking tour. We also drop you back to the airport after the tour.


Included in full service option

  • Transfer from the airport  and back
  • Transfer from Dogubayazit to the foot of Mount Ararat and back
  • Professional local guide service
  • Pack animals (horses), which will carry your equipment during trekking on Mount Ararat
  • Accommodation at a hotel in Dogubayazit (with breakfast) - 2 nights, twin rooms
  • All meals and soft drinks during the climbing on Ararat, with cooking service
  • Foam sleeping pads and tents (1 tent for each 2 persons)
  • Crampons (if you haven't got your own)
  • Entrance fee to Ishak Pasha Palace

Not included

  • Domestic flights
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Travel insurance
  • Meals in cities

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