Mount Ararat Ski Tour - Classic Program

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Ararat ski tour


Ski tour on Mount Ararat is an expedition for those who are looking for a real skiing adventure in big mountains and likes impressive downhill rides.

Just imagine this adventure: skiing from the top of five-thousanders almost to its feet! 

Program of our Ararat ski tour is planned with a view to those skiers, who didn’t have opportunity to acclimatize before joining our adventurous trip.

We will spend one extra day on acclimatization skiing from Winter Camp 1 to the elevation about 4000- 4200 m and back. It will help us get used to high altitude and reach Ararat summit without symptoms of altitude sickness.

Day 1: From Dogubayazit to Winter Ararat Camp 1
In the morning, after breakfast, we will pack our luggage, food and camping equipment in the minibus and drive to Cevirme Village, near to the foot of Mount Ararat. We will stop near the village, at an elevation about 2200 m, we will take our skis and start ascent to Winter Camp 1 at 2800-2900 m (depends on the snow conditions, sometimes it's necessary to carry up our skis to the point, where snow begins). All the equipment will be carried by horses. On the Winter Camp 1 we will set up our tents and have a lunch. Later we have time to rest. At the evening cook will serve a hot dinner.
Overnight in tents on the campsite.

Day 2: Acclimatization day
After breakfast at the campsite we will start to ski to altitude 4000-4200 meters. After short break we will ski down to Winter Camp 1. It will help to adapt our bodies to high altitude and ward off altitude sickness. At the campsite some snacks and hot drinks will wait for us. Free afternoon. At the evening we will have a dinner.
Overnight in tents on the campsite.

Day 3: Ascent to Ararat Winter Camp 2
We will have a nutritious breakfast on the Camp. Then we will pack our equipment, fold the tents and start ski to Winter Camp 2. This camp, depending on snow conditions, is located between 3500-3800 meters. That day may be necessary to help our porters and take more things to our small backpacks. When we reach Winter Camp 2 we will have lunch. Later we will set up our tents and have a rest. At the evening, like every day, hot dinner will be served.
Overnight in tents on the campsite. 

Day 4: Ascent to Mount Ararat summit
After very early wake up (about 2-3 a.m.) we have to pack our things and get our duffle bags ready inside tents (they will be directly brought down to Camp 1 by our porters). Later we will eat breakfast, take our lunch packets and start to ski to the top of Ararat (Depending on snow and ice condition maybe we will have to leave ski on 4800-4900 meters and continue ascent with crampons). After reaching the summit and short break for taking photos and enjoying view, we will ski down to Camp 1, where hot tea, coffee and some snacks will wait for us. After short rest we will continue descent to Cevirme Village, where our driver will wait for us. We will back to Dogubayazit, to our hotel. 

Day 5: Spare day
Extra day, in case of bad weather condition.
If we don’t use this day on mountain, we will have cultural tour in Dogubayazit area. We will visit built in 17th century Ishak Pasha Palace, Urartian castle and Durupinar Site (ship-shaped area, which according to some scientists, is a’ footprint’ of the Noah’s Ark.
Overnight at a hotel in Dogubayazit.

Notice 1: We organize for you pick up from the airport one day before our Ararat trekking tour. We also drop you back to the airport after the tour.

Notice 2: Program of the tour and campsites location may be changed due to weather and snow conditions!

Included in full service option

  • Transfer from the airport in Van, Igdir or Agri to Dogubayazit
  • Transfer from Dogubayazit to Mount Ararat and back
  • Local guide service
  • Horses /Porters, who will carry your equipment
  • Accommodation at a hotel in Dogubayazit (with breakfast) - 2 nights, twin rooms
  • All meals and soft drinks during the climbing, with cooking service
  • Sleeping mattresses and tent for each 2 people
  • Crampons (if you haven't got your own)

Not included

  • Domestic flights
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Travel insurance
  • Meals in cities

Photos from our tours

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